Gaming-Recruiter Gaming Recruiters, LLC was initially founded by James Wottowa as the general recruiting firm, J.E. Wottowa & Associates, in 1978 in St. Louis, MO. We first began to develop an expertise in the gaming industry in 1991 when we were selected to assist in the staffing of the first riverboat casino in the St. Louis metropolitan area. We became Human Resources consultants to that casino and thereafter made the transition to exclusively serving the gaming industry. Recruiting gaming managers and executives is now our only business, and we believe that it is the key to our success.

Our Values

Gaming-Recruiter, LLC At Gaming Recruiters, LLC, we abide by a client-centered philosophy and strictly demand quality over quantity. We focus our energy and attention on the specific needs of each client, and use our refined recruiting methods with our clients’ precise targets in sight to find the perfect candidate. The process begins with a careful and thorough interview with our clients to identify and rank the desired skill sets and experiences. We believe that finding the right candidate requires consideration of a broad range of factors, including the candidate’s qualifications, experience, background, personality and career ambitions, as well as the management style and corporate culture of the client, in order to promote a seamless transition and a successful long term placement. We thoroughly vet each candidate before we present them to our clients to ensure that they are the right fit for the client’s needs, qualifications and salary range and that they are enthusiastic about the position and location being offered. We never conduct a high-volume résumé drop – our goal is to present our clients with a short list of elite candidates that perfectly match the criteria of the position. Gaming Recruiters, LLC offers an iron clad guarantee on each and every candidate hired through our firm.


 Confidentiality is paramount to our business reputation. We understand the sensitive and private nature of executive searches, and our business ethics stress extreme and absolute confidentiality for our clients and candidates. We don’t run ads in newspapers or pull resumes from the internet. Our years of experience and development of contacts within the industry gives us unrivaled access to sources of talent and enables us to discover the ideal candidate while maintaining strict confidentiality.

Our Promise

 We promise to afford every account with the same high-intensity effort, exhaustive research and preparation, steadfast attention to detail and unwavering thoroughness that is required to find the best candidate for every position and which has made us the gold-standard executive recruiting firm in the gaming industry.